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Customisable training for improved workplace performance

Creative Leadership

Creative Leadership & Problem Solving: Driving Creativity and Innovation in Teams equips business professionals with the frameworks, tools and explorative mindset necessary to stay competitive in the quickly evolving business landscape.

Delivering Value

Translating strategy into action is not easy. Through Delivering Value: Decision Making and Action Taking – The Agile Way, Scope Group’s trainers can assist your team in understanding, interpreting and delivering your company’s business plan more effectively.


Using real business issues and opportunities, this highly interactive masterclass will teach your people to adopt easy and effective action planning and execution practices, agile frameworks and tools to deliver on the promises to internal and external stakeholders.

Appreciative Inquiry

If we focus on problems and weaknesses – the problems will grow bigger and make us feel smaller. Appreciative Inquiry: Engaging People through Strengths Based Conversations is focused on training managers and leaders in engagement, motivation, and the facilitation of high performance teams.


Using Malaysian case studies and hands-on practice sessions, this seminar will teach business professionals the “art of asking positive questions to build on strengths” and is based on the science and practice known as positive psychology.

Wellbeing at Work

Research shows that employees who are happy have higher productivity, efficiency and engagement in the workplace. Wellbeing at Work: The Employee Happiness Advantage provides participants with an evidence-based approach to improving team performance through the implementation of a survey and strategies (5 ways to Wellbeing) for increasing employee wellbeing.

Design Thinking

Design Thinking: Creative Problem Solving for Non-Designers immerses attendees in the “Design Thinking” methodology, which combines what is desirable from a human point of view with what is technologically feasible and economically viable.


Design Thinking has helped teams and leaders around the world in a wide range of industries to better serve their internal and external customers through better design of services, products and solutions.

Creating New Value

Through Innovation

Creating New Value Through Innovation: Driving and Implementing Innovation in Your Organisation is aimed at professionals interested in learning the skills necessary to boost the innovation and creativity of their team or organization.


Through immersive and interactive team activities, participants will acquire innovation tools, processes and systems that can be used to discover new personal and organisational potential and strategically manage innovation.


Tool & Certification

Scope is proud to utilize the GrowthWheel framework to support all of our partners and incubated social enterprises. We provide GrowthWheel training, certification and access to the tool for business advisors, incubators, innovation programmes and universities.


GrowthWheel® is a tool for decision-making in start-up and growth companies. It helps entrepreneurs and advisors get focus, set an agenda, and take the next step. This powerful and innovative tool has supported more than 20,000 entrepreneurs globally. Scope Group is proud to be the only certified GrowthWheel trainer in Asia.

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