Impact Advisory

Expert advice & process facilitation


Developing practical solutions that deliver value for end users

As speed of change and level of complexity increase with heightened global competitiveness, organisations and their managers are challenged with building adaptable systems that are able to identify emerging needs and issues accurately, and respond to them effectively by developing innovative yet practical solutions that create value for end users.


As organisations have become better at managing risks and developing control mechanisms, they have also become more resistent to adopting new ideas, taking necessary risks and rewarding fast failures. The risk of not innovating comes at a very real cost, those who fail to innovate quickly become redundant.


Scope Group specialises in innovation and intelligent risk taking. We can empower your organisation and management team with proven techniques, expert advice and new practices that will help build a business culture that fosters innovation and supports change initiatives, while maintaining best practice in risk mitigation.

Impact CSR

Maximising tangible impact from CSR projects

Scope Group’s Impact CSR services incorporate best practices from the social and business sectors to devise and implement strategies that harness your core competencies, branding needs, and growth areas and uses them to create social impact in a way that’s measurable, scalable and reportable to stakeholders in your organisation.


More than a report, Impact CSR engages with you and other partners to create and implement novel CSR solutions that align your business’s core competencies with leading practices in social impact. Scope Group can help you to maximise your social impact, and effectively capitalise on social good creation.

Project Management

Full cycle support from ideation to execution

Scope Group can assist you in defining and improving objectives, developing measures, designing or choosing supporting tools, and streamlining reporting and analysis. Our team of performance management and technical domain experts will deliver high quality, timely results while reducing project risks through the use of advanced collaboration and management tools.

Impact Reporting

Effective measurement and assessment of impact

Scope Group’s impact reporting services place metrics and measurements at the core of any project or programme.
At every point in your organisation’s life, your work impacts others. If it’s buying more product, decreasing cost burden, or improving health outcomes, all types of businesses, policies and initiatives affect people. Scope takes the complication out of measuring and assessing how and where these impacts are made, and gives your organisation access to the metrics and information that will provide new insights and drive continuous improvement.


Using state of the art metrics, Scope is able to track and project the impacts of your project for all of its stakeholders. This process uses refined proxies and analysis that many organisations do not have the time and capacity to research, develop and execute on their own.


Our team consists of experienced performance management experts, technical domain experts from various development and health backgrounds and informatics experts. We will assist you in defining and improving objectives, measures, data tools, reporting and analysis to empower decision makers and stakeholders with powerful actionable information about what matters most.

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