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The world is rapidly changing, and we are facing increasingly complex social challenges everyday. Fortunately, the 21st century has also witnessed amazing advances in technology and social consciousness; which enable us to generate innovative solutions that address prevalent social issues. We discuss the issues, the innovations as well as related topics here.

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    Celebrating 1 Year of Mixing and Fixing

      On July 8th Mix n Fix culminated its first memorable year of collaborating, networking and sharing with a 1st Birthday Celebration! Over the last 12 months Mix n Fix has brought together social entrepreneurs in an attempt to create a strong ecosystem for supporting......

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    Innovation and Cooperation for Social Change

    Recent decades have seen a surge in the prevalence of social sector actors addressing the unmet needs of individuals across the globe. Through innovative programming, the social sector, consisting of non-profit organizations, charities, foundations and social enterprises, is increasingly functioning as “a bridge” between the......