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Headquartered in Malaysia since 2007 and serving the world, we are proud to be at the pulse of innovation and impact here in Asia.


Scope Group’s mission is to create impact by design through harnessing the power of social innovation and partnerships for social good and leveraging technology and cross-sector collaborations to deliver.


Our range of products and services extend from bespoke learning and development engagements to facilitation of public private partnerships, social venture and impact incubation, strategic venture philanthropy advisory and implementation support.


Scope Group envisions a future in which social justice and sustainable development can be achieved without jeopardizing economic development. We believe that business can be effectively balanced with environmental and social values.


At Scope Group we believe in the power of impact by design. We are willing to experiment in order to learn, build and share successful social innovation.

Our expertise lies in supporting the “people” element of change and impact creation: engaging stakeholders, facilitating processes, coaching, leading and challenging the change process within organisations big and small.


This often involves working in and between sectors to craft strategies, form synergy partnerships, and implement projects. We deliver timely, precise and impactful results that help our clients deepen and broaden their impact on the world.

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